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Happy Deathday, Allyosha

This morning, I had to put Al to sleep. He threw a blood clot, couldn’t move his back legs, and his heart was also damaged.

Al lived a long and happy life (almost 20 years!) in Chicago, Neenah, Portland, Boston, and Los Angeles. My brother got him from a pound and named him after the youngest of the brothers Karamazov. When Kevin moved to Japan in 1991, I became Al’s custodian. He was so shy that my dormies didn’t see him for the first month. Once Al and Calliope finished their turf war, he began venturing outside my room, then running back inside. He eventually conquered the landing, the stairs, and the first floor. By the end of the year, both cats would chase each other throughout German House.

I love him and miss him.

And here is the most boring video of Al drinking milk. After Calliope died, he became quite insistent that I keep feeding him milk too. It may not be healthy for cats, but it brought him pleasure in his old age.