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My Mother’s Daughter

As I prepare for a trip, I am again reminded that I am my mother’s daughter. Growing up, we joked that Cleary trips left at the crack of noon. We always aimed to leave town at the crack of dawn. It rarely happened.

Every summer, the family drove 700 miles from Bartlesville, OK, to Chicago to visit my grandmother and other relatives. For some reason unknown to me, my dad always wanted to drive straight through. I don’t know how we did it –  2 parents, 4 kids, 1 sedan, 14 hours on the road. Occasionally, we would stop a night at a relative’s house somewhere in Missouri, shortening the trip to a mere 12 hours.

But I’m getting off topic. We usually got off to a late start because of my mom. She would spend the night before cleaning the entire house and then packing. Once she finished packing, then we (I mean my sister Karen, the space-unchallenged) would have to figure out how to pack the car. Remember – 6 people in one sedan. Packing became a nightmare.

In case you were wondering, since I was the smallest person in the family, I rode in the back windshield shelf. Parents soooo couldn’t get away with that today. Life got much better when we got a station wagon.

Today, I wanted to leave for San Diego around 11am. It’s after 1pm and I still haven’t done laundry yet. At least I have done the vacuuming. And I am procrastinating even more by writing this post.

How I have applied these early travel experiences into my adult life:
1. Always clean the house before you leave on a trip.
2. If you are driving, your time schedule is nebulous.
3. There is no shame in staying a night in a motel if you don’t make your destination.
4. Kids today are coddled.
5. I almost always overpack.