Welcome Beatrice

Asleep on the couch only 8 days after meeting each other.

I have finally decided on a name for the new kitten: Beatrice.

Luckily, she and LilyRocket are getting along very well; I even caught them snuggling on Sunday. They’d only met each other scarcely a week earlier! It helps that LR is still kitten-ish. Both cats share similar interests – they like to eat each other’s food and both love paper bags. I do hope that Beatrice will not acquire LilyRocket’s dangerous addiction to plastic.

LilyRocket’s favorite hiding place is inside a cardboard box. There are several empty boxes strewn about the house. One of her favorites is one filled with blue paper from the fluff and fold launrdromat. Recently, I transferred a stash of grocery bags into another box, and LilyRocket has found a new heaven. Maybe I’ll submit it to catinabox. I wonder if there is a site devoted to cats in wicker baskets, the traditional bed of Cleary cats.LilyRocket in paperbag-box heaven


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