New Kitty

Yes, I finally quenched my kitten lust and got a new cat. Haven’t decided on a name yet, so you can help me decide. Right now I’m calling her Moonshadow,. She’s about 6 weeks old with a white milky coat. I got her from the girlfriend of one of my students; yes, she’s very young, but the girlfriend is moving (and has assured me that that mama cat will be fixed this summer.)

Alas, my apartment is not set up well for separating cats. So far, LilyRocket has been fascinated to bored with the new cat. The only blood shed is mine from the sharp little kitten claws. I hope that they will become friends very quickly.

Here are some pictures from my iPhone; the quality isn’t that great.


5 responses to “New Kitty

  1. Moonshadow is a lovely name!

  2. Heather, Moonshadow is a good, different name. Dad

  3. I’m also trying out “Mopsy.”

  4. When I first saw her I thought of the Carl Sandburg poem about the fog coming on little cat feet. What about Misty?

  5. Ooh, Misty is a good one. The current top contender is Beatrice.

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