Heroes Mini-Marathon

I got behind in watching Heroes. Tonight, I finally caught up on the latest 5 episodes. After all, no more new episodes until next year.

Spoiler alert – I will mention some significant plot points. Don’t read any further if you haven’t watched them eps. You have been warned.

It’s Coming
I watched it online. It just seemed like a lot of set up. An eclipse is coming! An eclipse is coming!

Eclipse part 1

  • Elle must die because a) she shot Claire and b) in a scary movie, she’s the girl who’s having sex.
  • I want Ando to be the catalyst. Or Hiro’s sister. Why not hide it inside of someone who is not super? Makes more sense to me than to have Claire continue to be the center of the universe.
  • Mohinder must die. Die, Mohinder, Die!
  • Loving Seth Green and Breckin Meyer as the comic shop dudes.

Eclipse part 2

  • Yay – Maya’s alive and living in new Jersey! (Yes, i am one of 5 people who actually like the character.)
  • Best. Comic. Shop. Scenes. Ever.
  • More joyful Hiro!
  • Did they retcon the eclipse in the pilot? I honestly don’t remember there being an eclipse shown in the very first episode.
  • Elle’s death by Sylar? Unnecessary. Would have been more dramatic to kill her in a different manner. Sylar already has her ability. That said, Star Wars 3 needed this scene between Anakin and Padme; then her death would have made some sense.

Our Father

  • Nathan is so gullible.
  • Sylar as totally evil? Boring.
  • Parkman, Ando, and Daphne are so gullible. Of course the guy is going to flee with the sketchbook.
  • Two Hiros are better than one!
  • Where is Hiro’s sister? If she’s never going to be seen or heard from again, at least take the time to retcon her never being born during someone’s time travel misadventures.
  • How did Pa Petrelli travel back 16 years ago BEFORE taking Hiro’s powers?
  • I love Tamlyn Tomita.


  • Hey! In the Previouslies…, part of that scene with Pa Petrelli impregnating the formula was not in the previous episode.
  • I’m digging powerless Peter Petrelli. He’s somehow more interesting again.
  • Poor Ando. Still a sidekick, even with powers.
  • Why didn’t they put exploding Meredith into a new cell?
  • I feel like Nathan Petrelli is acting according to plot, not character.
  • So much for powerless Peter.
  • I guess Meredith’s adrenaline-spiked explosion wouldn’t be contained within one of the cells after all. Part of me expected her to go nuclear and destroy the city.
  • Oh look, two people running before an explosion. How utterly banal.
  • How convenient – there’s one unbroken dose of the formula right where and when Peter needed it. Again, how banal.
  • I’ve lost count on how many characters have died in this ep, yet somehow Mohinder survived. Again. In the next arc, will he trust blindly another villain (this time Lady MacBeth)? His character is replaying the same plot in every arc. Please kill him off in Fugitives.
  • Um, I know that the show doesn’t take place in our reality, but Barack Obama essentially okaying the creation of concentration camps? No. I wish that they had not cast their POTUS as a black man with a baritone voice. That type of topicality kills the escapist vibes.

Maybe watching 5 hours of the show in one night was not a good idea. I liked the middle three episodes. The last episode just was too plot-driven. I know it’s the last ep of an arc and had to tie up lots of threads, but it just felt rushed and boring at the same time. They didn’t have to kill off quite so many characters.

Inquiring minds want to know: What will be the name of the next big, evil corporation that will hunt and exploit the supers, now that Primatech and Pinehearst have been hobbled? In my dreams, it wll be run by Hiro’s sister.

I hope that Bryan Fuller can inject more fun into the series. More Ando! More Parkman! And give Hiro back his powers! And then have them all meet up at The Pie Hole. Then have Ned and Chuck and the gang start investigating these curious folks with their odd powers. Olive becomes obsessed with The 9th Wonder comic books. Finally, everyone eats pie.


One response to “Heroes Mini-Marathon

  1. Ha ha ha ha – omg your comments are hilarious. ‘Die Mohinder die!’ – I believe I was thinking the same think while watching eclipse. And I love your finale, with everyone at the Pie Hole :)
    I also reviewed the last couple of episodes and I’d love to have your feedback – http://saharsblog.wordpress.com/2008/12/16/review-heroes-volume-3-episode-13/ – if you have a couple of minutes!

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