3rd presidential debate

Go Obama!

Random thoughts.

Joe the Plumber, you have become the lockbox of the 2008 debates.

McCain, you cannot claim to have bucked your party on the issue of torture. You folded (perhaps because you need their support to become President.)

McCain, you have taken money and photo ops with ACORN.

McCain, Obama did not kick off his campaign on Bill Ayre’s porch.

Obama, it took you a long time to get to Palin’s comments. Call them on it!

McCain, although I would love to have the government send me $$, I bet that the insurance companies and health care providers would figure out how to raise their rates to eat up that cash.

McCain, the government grew in the first 4 years of W’s administration, and the Republicans were in charge. You created an entire new department – Homeland Security!

Obama, partial birth abortion should not be banned. It gives the parents a whole body to bury. It is not done on a whim.

How does having a child with Down’s Syndrome make Sarah Palin an expert on autism? It would make her more aware of the issues related to special needs kids. It seems like McCain’s talking points suggest that Palin’s child has autism, just as Palin’s speeches suggest that Obama is a terrorist.

McCain, I am not your friend.


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