Or, Why I Love the Big Bang Theory

In tonight’s episode, the four geeks ooh and awe at a non-Newtonian fluid bouncing on cellophane on top of a stereo speaker. It was so cool. Why didn’t we ever think of that? I remember fondly afternoons filled with trying to juggle spoo…

This show is really all about geek and fan culture. The four main guys are nerds; the chick is used both as a draw (did I mention she’s cute?) and as an entry character into their (sub)cultures. The addition of Sara Gilbert as a female geek gladdens me immensely.

I love this show because they get the geek details right. The guys made spoo (corn starch and water), though they were not nearly as messy as me. If I had a speaker, I would be making spoo right now, though I’d add few drops of food coloring to see how the colors bleed together. The episode also included a short lesson in locksmithing; can lockpicking be far behind?

The major plot was on the addictions of online gaming. Penny, the cute girl, gets addicted to Age of Conan (a stand in for World of Warcraft). Some acronyms are explained within the plot in an organic, not explanatory, manner. Her appearance got more and more disheveled as time went by. Gaming was not presented as an evil trap for corrupting minors, no it was just another way of socializing. That the newbie character overdoes it causes concern, not the game itself. What a relief.

This post isn’t nearly as coherent as it sounded in my head, probably because one word keeps echoing through my brain:



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