Quick and the Dead (1995)


Sam Raimi, director
Sharon Stone, actor
Russell Crowe, actor
and many, many more


Redemption’s somewhat annual quick-draw tournament (and the huge pot of money to the winner) has lured in the best and/or foolhardiest shooters, including a mysterious woman who wears men’s clothes. Most of the contestants seem to hate Herod, who runs the town in the absence of a marshall.


This is an awesome modern Western! And it’s also a very tense film. Every quick draw contest is replete with creative shots, especially of the clock tower and the inflicted wounds. Most of the violence is cartoonish and the guns are definitely fetishized. Audiences were confused because Sharon Stone never takes off her clothes (a love scene was cut). Russell Crowe is amazing; he pulls off horror, resignation, and despair in one look.

IMDB entry


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