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Quick and the Dead (1995)


Sam Raimi, director
Sharon Stone, actor
Russell Crowe, actor
and many, many more


Redemption’s somewhat annual quick-draw tournament (and the huge pot of money to the winner) has lured in the best and/or foolhardiest shooters, including a mysterious woman who wears men’s clothes. Most of the contestants seem to hate Herod, who runs the town in the absence of a marshall.


This is an awesome modern Western! And it’s also a very tense film. Every quick draw contest is replete with creative shots, especially of the clock tower and the inflicted wounds. Most of the violence is cartoonish and the guns are definitely fetishized. Audiences were confused because Sharon Stone never takes off her clothes (a love scene was cut). Russell Crowe is amazing; he pulls off horror, resignation, and despair in one look.

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Hudson Hawk (1991)

I Love Hudson Hawk

October, 1997

Hudson Hawk is the film that inspired this site. I missed it in the theaters because I wasn’t interested in seeing yet another action-comedy with Bruce Willis. The rotten reviews and the ubiquitous bus billboards in Boston did not help either. And yet i wondered about it – was it really that bad of a movie? why did so many people hate it? was it maybe a movie so bad that was good? And so in 1993, I rented it. And it changed my life.

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Evil Dead (1983)


Sam Raimi, director
Bruce Campbell, star
Ted Raimi and others, Fake Shemps


Five college students go to an old, abandoned cabin in Tennessee and instead raise up some nasty presences. Actually, the former occupants of the cabin, an archaeologist and his wife, raised the evil spirits; the students are just new fodder.

(Evil Dead 2 is not really a sequel, but a remake as a slapstick comedy. Both movies have the same plot, though the second devotes more time to the archaeologist. I prefer to think that it takes place in an parallel universe. Indeed, in all universes, Ash will be drawn to this lonely cabin and have to dismember his girlfriend.)


Overlooked by the much funnier Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness, the first film in that series deserves another viewing. First, it is truly scary. The rape sequence near the beginning justifies its moniker as “the ultimate experience in grueling horror.” Second, its low budget does not hide its joy of filmmaking . The only thing I have against it is slightly misogynist, in that the first victims are the women.

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Second Chance Cinema

Good Movies with Bad Reputations 

A long, long time ago I began a site devoted to films that deserve a second chance. Like many projects, I started it and never finished. One reason was because of IMDB. Why create my own database when other people were contributing to this gigantic database? And yet the concept “second chance cinema” remained in my mind.

So, here is the revised mission statement. I promise to occasionally post about movies that deserve a Second Chance.

Greetings and salutations! This site exists to praise movies overlooked for at least one of these following reasons:

  • The critics hated it
  • The critics hated it but the public saw it anyway
  • The critics loved it but the public stayed at home
  • Both the critics and the public hated it
  • It only played in regional or very limited release
  • It was marketed to the wrong audience
  • Because in Hollywood, no reputation is a bad reputation
  • Too many people have forgotten its existence
  • I like it

I have tried to adhere to the above criteria, but I have snuck in a few cult movies like “Evil Dead 2.” I will be adding movies as the whim takes me, so please visit often. Better yet, add it to your feed reader.