“The Only Comic Book My Girlfriend’ll Read…”

As an avid female comic book reader, I have heard the above quote in comic book stores across the country as well as read the darn phrase in numerous letter columns. And I am sick of it.

Comic book enjoyment is not limited to one gender.

The following flame is directed towards comic shop personnel.

Guys, you may be saying the phrase in order to be nice and helpful, but it makes you sound clueless.

If I have been buying several titles at your store for more than 2 years, I am not in the same category as the chick with whom you are sleeping.

She is trying to find common ground whereas we already share it. You know what I read; you sell me the comics; we have heartfelt discussions about them. Just because your girlfriend and I are both female does not mean that we automatically share the same tastes.

So if you want to recommend a comic to me, try saying “Hey, this one’s good.” And if you are using it as a pick up line (as in “it’s the only comic book my ex-girlfriend read,”) it doesn’t work.

8/00: Since writing this screed, I have actually found a comic book store where NO ONE has ever asked me the question: Golden Apple Comics. Visit it today, tomorrow, and the next.
Thank you, Golden Apple family.

12/07: I am happy to report that seven years later, I still have not heard that phrase at Golden Apple. Bless you all, Golden Apple family.


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